Windows Service Overview

Tu hogar es una de las inversiones más grandes e importantes. That's why Sears Home Services provides comprehensive soluciones para mejorar el hogar-including new home window replacement and installation services. Explore and learn about the product types, accents and style options that Sears Home Services has to offer.

La marca Weatherbeater

The Weatherbeater brand is one of the top manufacturers of Energy Star® rated windows. The company creates customized, modern window solutions that they'd want in their own homes-and would love to see in yours. Sears Home Services exclusively provides three levels of quality for single and double-hung windows from the Weatherbeater brand. Choose the price and durability that best suits your budget to improve the efficiency, design and resale value of your home.


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Patio Door


Double Hung


Formas geométricas


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Bay Window


Bow Window

Window Replacement Checklist

When considering the purchase of new or replacement windows, there are several factors to think about. If you check one or more of the items on our Window Replacement Checklist, you may want to consider a free in-home consultation.

• Air or moisture leaks through gaps along the edges of your windows

• Your furniture is fading or showing signs of moisture

• When the outside temperature drops, so does the temperature in your home

• Your heat or air conditioning never seems to stop running

• You experience noise intrusion

• Looking at the exterior of your home, you notice the framing requires painting every couple of years

Have you checked one or more? Your windows may be single-paned, have poor insulation or causing energy inefficiency in your home. This can greatly affect the resale value of your home, as well as increase energy bills and maintenance.

Our Process: Window Installation

Hiring a company for a window installation project is a big decision. Trust Sears Home Services for reliable products, service, installation and more when it comes to one of your biggest investments-your home.

Características de las ventanas de reemplazo:

• Medidas y fabricadas exclusivamente para tu casa

• Energy Star qualified for all regions of the U.S.

• Traditional and contemporary design options and styles

• Your choice of popular window frame colors and grid patterns

Your window installation from Sears Home Service includes:


Materiales e instalación de gran calidad


Un coordinador de proyecto dedicado


Disponibilidad para el mismo día/día siguiente


Opciones de pago flexibles

Garantías de confianza del servicio a domicilio de Sears

En el servicio a domicilio de Sears, sabemos que las mejoras para el hogar pueden representar una gran inversión. Por eso nuestras instalaciones de ventanas se realizan para protegerte a ti y a tu familia. También ofrecemos un poco de tranquilidad con la garantía de satisfacción de Sears.


• Garantía limitada de producto por escrito
• Garantía limitada de mano de obra por escrito
• Protección de responsabilidad civil
• Protección de compensación para trabajadores
• Seguro de daños a la propiedad

Clasificaciones y comentarios

Professional and High Quality

When the team arrived it became very apparent that this was not going to be their normal install job. My house is a 1940's house where the windows are welded to a plate that sets down into the plaster. The Sears Home Services team tackled the job instead of throwing their hands up and walking away.

The next day they were here bright and early to finish the job. Dejaron todo limpio como si nunca hubieran estado allí. Y por si fuera poco, siempre me mantuvieron informado sobre lo que sucedía y lo que hacía falta hacer. 

These guys are professional with a high degree of quality. The Sears windows are beautiful. 

A happy and satisfied customer | Phoenix, AZ

Couldn't be happier!

I had replacement windows done by Sears, and I could not be more pleased. The employees that were sent to my home could not have been more professional. When they called and said they would be here, they were here at that exact time. The sales rep and the installer could not have been nicer to deal with. I have already seen an improvement in my gas bill, and I am sure I will see a big improvement in my electric bill this summer. I am so happy with my new windows, and wanted to recommend them to everyone.

Cliente satisfecho de Sears | Santa Fe Springs, CA